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New for 2017, the CSGA will be conducting an online educational series, designed to equip an interested golfer or professional with an overview of the Rules of Golf and its Decisions. This seven-week series will be hosted in a virtual classroom and will include seven weeks of Powerpoint presentations, audio narrations (new for 2017) and weekly quizzes.

Format- Each Wednesday during the seven-week course, a new set of Powerpoint slides, audio narration and a weekly quiz will be available in the digital classroom. Students are not required to complete each week's material by a certain time, and may complete the course at their own pace.

Site- This seven week series will be hosted on the CSGA website at

Registration- Registration is free of charge and available online at or by calling the CSGA office at (860) 257-4171. Any individual that does not own a Rules of Golf or Decisions on the Rules of Golf book may purchase either item by contacting the CSGA by phone. This material is also available under the Rules section of the USGA website (

Weekly Quizzes- Quizzes will be provided with each weekly session and will be graded. These will not affect the overall exam score and only serve as additional educational and study materials.

PGA MSR Credits- Any PGA professional that successfully completes each weekly session will be awarded two (2) MSR credits (Non-PGA Required) each week. The weekly session will be considered successfully completed when a fully completed weekly quiz with a score of at least 50% has been submitted. PGA professionals seeking MSR credits will be required to supply the CSGA with their PGA of America ID number in order to receive credits.

Final Exam- The final exam is scheduled for Friday, March 10th. This exam will consist of 50 true/false or multiple choice questions. The exam may be taken online or at the CSGA office on this date. Individuals will have 3 hours to complete this exam and any study materials and/or Rules of Golf materials will be allowed throughout the exam. Any individuals that score 80% or higher on this exam will achieve the status of CSGA Rules Official and will receive proper documentation of this achievement.

Please reply to this e-mail or call the CSGA office at (860) 257-4171 with any questions.


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Brent Paladino
Director, Communications & Competitions
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